Avery | {Gallatin Hendersonville Baby Photographer}

Avery was an absolute doll for her 6 month session.  There is so much that I love about 6 month olds.  Their drool, those perfect little smiles, their budding teeth, and chunky rolls.  I love how they are so happy to sit and can just play and smile so contently.  Their little personalities are starting to shine, and they are as precious as could be.  It’s definitely a stage that you don’t want to miss photographing.6montholdonbluechair(pp_w768_h353) Avery | {Gallatin Hendersonville Baby Photographer}6montholdonvintagesuitcase(pp_w768_h563) Avery | {Gallatin Hendersonville Baby Photographer}6montholdcrawling(pp_w768_h563) Avery | {Gallatin Hendersonville Baby Photographer}6montholdwithbabylegs(pp_w768_h280) Avery | {Gallatin Hendersonville Baby Photographer}Smyrna Murfreesboro Baby Photographer

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