What to Wear for Family Photos - What to Wear for Family Photos You’ve booked your family photo session, and now it’s time to choose your clothing.  If you have a family of 3, that’s 3 complete outfits.  Family of 4? 4 outfits.  Family of 6? SIX outfits!  You get the point.  Here are some tips on what to wear for family […]
What is a Fresh 48 Session? - What is a Fresh 48 Session A Fresh 48 session is a photo session taken with your new baby in the hospital hours after birth.  These sessions have gained in popularity in the past few years.  They document baby’s first hours and all of the details from your hospital stay.  The memories of those first […]
Why Not Pinterest? A Photographer’s Views on Pinterest - I LOVE Pinterest.  I probably have 50 boards on Pinterest.  I pin recipes, home decorating ideas, hair styles, clothing inspiration, vacation locations, and more.  I love Pinterest so much, I have to cut myself off so that I don’t spend hours pinning things.  BUT when it comes to newborn, baby, maternity, and family photography inspiration, […]
Seasonal Maternity Photographs - Seasonal Maternity Photographs Outdoor maternity photos have my heart.  Through the years I have tried different looks and trends.  I have taken workshops with fine art maternity photographers.  I have tried stocking a maternity gown closet.  Nothing quite clicked or felt right until this year.  I feel like this is the year when I truly […]
Don’t Say Cheese | My Philosophy for Family Photography - This post has been sitting on my mind for a year.  It has taken me a full year to find the words to say, and even now I don’t know how well I’ll be able to say them.  It was exactly one year ago from today, that I was given the task of getting pictures […]
Nashville TN Newborn Photos | Parker - Nashville TN Newborn Photos Meet baby Parker.  He has big round cheeks, dark hair, pouty lips, and a mommy, daddy, and big brother that love him.  You may remember his family from his mommy’s maternity shoot a few months ago.  Well, he’s here and oh so adorable.  I LOVE the neutral color palette that we […]
Nashville Fall Family Photography - Nashville Fall Family Photography Fall is in the air!  Well… I think.  At least it’s getting close.  And mini sessions with Shannon Payne Photography are getting even closer!  I offer Nashville fall family photography sessions in September – November.  These sessions are scheduled outside just for family pictures.  Since I specialize in newborn photography, I […]
1st Birthday Photographer | Aiden - 1st Birthday Photographer If you are search for a 1st birthday photographer, you have come to the right place!  I LOVE birthday photo sessions!  I offer several different packages for baby’s first birthday pictures.  Meet Aiden and his sweet parents.  The last time I saw him was back at his newborn portrait session.  Isn’t he […]
Whitemore Family | Nashville Maternity Photographs - Nashville Maternity Photographs Family Maternity Portraits Meet the Whitmore Family.  They just became a family of four, and I thought that would make the perfect time to share their Nashville maternity photographs.  Baby Parker made his arrival a few weeks ago, and we have already had his newborn photo session.  If you think their maternity […]
Zander | Personalizing Your Baby’s Newborn Photos - Personalizing Your Baby’s Newborn Photos Meet Zander.  Gorgeous skin, long wispy eyelashes, and pouty lips.  Yep, that’s Zander in a nutshell!  He is the first baby for his parents.  Every newborn session is special.  But for first time parents, it is SO important for them to have a great experience.  I know as a new […]