Whitemore Family | Nashville Maternity Photographs - Nashville Maternity Photographs Family Maternity Portraits Meet the Whitmore Family.  They just became a family of four, and I thought that would make the perfect time to share their Nashville maternity photographs.  Baby Parker made his arrival a few weeks ago, and we have already had his newborn photo session.  If you think their maternity […]
Zander | Personalizing Your Baby’s Newborn Photos - Personalizing Your Baby’s Newborn Photos Meet Zander.  Gorgeous skin, long wispy eyelashes, and pouty lips.  Yep, that’s Zander in a nutshell!  He is the first baby for his parents.  Every newborn session is special.  But for first time parents, it is SO important for them to have a great experience.  I know as a new […]
Preparing for Baby Pictures | Stella’s Milestone Session - Preparing for Baby Pictures Studio baby milestone pictures are some of my absolute favorite sessions.  I could do these all day long!  I try to keep my studio baby sessions as stress free as possible.  My studio is stocked with outfits, accessories, headbands, floral crowns, and more for baby.  You don’t have to bring a […]
Selah’s Newborn Session | 3 Sleepy Baby Tips - Sleepy Baby Tips Have you ever wondered how I get my newborns to sleep?  Well…. I’m going to share a few of my secrets with you!  I think the biggest fear for all of my newborn clients is that their baby won’t cooperate for newborn pictures.  As you can tell from my pictures, I get […]
Nashville Fall Mini Sessions 2018 - Nashville Fall Mini Sessions 2018 It’s that time of the year!  Fall is a photographer’s busy season.  Technically, since I specialize in newborns, I am busy year round.  But in the fall, I dedicate a large portion of my calendar to outdoor family sessions on top of my newborn and baby clients.  So…. with that […]
Preparing Baby for Newborn Photos - Preparing Baby for Newborn Photos Meet Abigail Rose.  She is the youngest of 4 girls.  Yep!  You’ve got that right. 4 girls…. So when it comes to getting a family of 6 ready for pictures, preparing baby for newborn photos can be very important! We want baby to sleep! Newborn sessions are scheduled during baby’s […]
Simple Cake Smash Photography - Simple Cake Smash Photography My Cake Smash Style If you had asked me about cake smash photography years ago, I would have said “The busier, the better!”  The idea of simple cake smash photography was boring.  I went all out on cake smashes.  Balloons, banners, Pom Poms, streamers, letters, wooden 1’s, and more… Every cake […]
Nashville Twin Baby Milestone Photography - Nashville Twin Baby Milestone Photography Meet Wells and Wyatt.  They are two of my Nashville twin baby milestone photography clients.  I have photographed their newborn photos, 4 month, and 8 month milestone photos.  Each time I see them they show their little personalities more and more.  Now we have their first birthday photos coming up! […]
What to Wear for Maternity Photos - What to Wear for Maternity Photos Your guide to preparing for a beautiful maternity photo session. You’ve booked your maternity session and now you are wondering what to wear for maternity photos.  This should be a really fun time!  The last thing you want to do is stress about clothing.  You are anticipating the birth […]
Nashville TN Newborn Photographers - Nashville TN Newborn Photographers Shannon Payne Photography is ranked as one of the top Nashville TN Newborn Photographers by Expertise.  We have also been ranked as one of the best baby photographers.  This is one reason that our newborn sessions are our most in demand sessions.  Although our calendar is mainly filled with newborns, we […]