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Madelyn | {Hendersonville Nashville Newborn Photographer}

I finally met Madelyn when she was 18 days new.  She arrived just before I went to the beach, but ended up having to spend her first week in the hospital.  When her parents arrived, they told me that they slept through their alarm because she slept so good that night!  Yay for them, but that’s not what I love to hear at a newborn session, lol!  Madelyn must have known that they had been waiting weeks for this session, because she was perfect for her session.  I couldn’t be more excited to photograph this pretty girl during her first year!madelynnewborn_0015 Madelyn | {Hendersonville Nashville Newborn Photographer}newborngirl1 Madelyn | {Hendersonville Nashville Newborn Photographer}madelynnewborn_0326 Madelyn | {Hendersonville Nashville Newborn Photographer}newborngirlposes Madelyn | {Hendersonville Nashville Newborn Photographer}madelynnewborn_0136bw Madelyn | {Hendersonville Nashville Newborn Photographer}madelynnewborn_0270 Madelyn | {Hendersonville Nashville Newborn Photographer}Big sister is so in love already.madelynnewborn_0086bw Madelyn | {Hendersonville Nashville Newborn Photographer}newbornfamily1 Madelyn | {Hendersonville Nashville Newborn Photographer}Shannon Payne Photography is a boutique studio located just outside of Nashville TN.  We offer maternity, newborn, and baby sessions as well as packages for baby plans.  Email us today for our 2015 pricing and to schedule your next session.

Brentwood Franklin Newborn Photographer

James 1 Year | {Nashville Brentwood Cake Smash Photographer}

James is one of my First Moments babies, and I have loved each of our sessions.  He was on the move this time, so we were doing lots of chasing, tickling, singing, and more to keep his attention on the camera and not grass or rocks.

james1year_0145 James 1 Year | {Nashville Brentwood Cake Smash Photographer}Mommy and daddy’s smiles make my heart melt in this one.james1year_0021bw James 1 Year | {Nashville Brentwood Cake Smash Photographer}james1year_0124 James 1 Year | {Nashville Brentwood Cake Smash Photographer}james James 1 Year | {Nashville Brentwood Cake Smash Photographer}james1year_0192 James 1 Year | {Nashville Brentwood Cake Smash Photographer}James was OBSESSED with the balloons.  I wasn’t sure he’d pay attention to the cake, but the cake won outsimple-smile James 1 Year | {Nashville Brentwood Cake Smash Photographer}james1year_0199 James 1 Year | {Nashville Brentwood Cake Smash Photographer}cakesmash James 1 Year | {Nashville Brentwood Cake Smash Photographer}Hendersonville Nashville Cake Smash Photographer

Wyatt 4 Months | {Nashville TN Baby Photographer}

Wyatt comes from one of my favorite families and long term clients.  I met them when we first moved to Nashville, and I’ve been lucky enough to watch all three of their babies grow up.  Wyatt is such a little snuggle bug.  He loved laying in his mommy’s arms and sitting up in a basket.  Next time I see him he’ll be sitting!wyatt_4months_SPP_31 Wyatt 4 Months | {Nashville TN Baby Photographer}Untitled-1 Wyatt 4 Months | {Nashville TN Baby Photographer}wyatt_4months_SPP_35 Wyatt 4 Months | {Nashville TN Baby Photographer}wyatt_4months_SPP_13 Wyatt 4 Months | {Nashville TN Baby Photographer}

I wanted to incorporate some of the props that we used in his newborn session, but he fell asleep before we could get to them.  So it looks more like a recreation of his newborn session!

4mo Wyatt 4 Months | {Nashville TN Baby Photographer}Hendersonville Gallatin Baby Photography Studio

Quincy | {Nashville Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer}

With 2 little boys, this family is about to learn about all things girly!  They added a baby girl to the mix!  Beautiful Quincy could not have been better for her session.  She let Mommy, Daddy, and brothers all love on her before it was her turn in the spotlight.  I can’t wait for them to have these pictures hanging in their home.  Welcome to the world, sweet girl!quincy_newborn_SPP_31 Quincy | {Nashville Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer}quincy_newborn_SPP_33 Quincy | {Nashville Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer}fingersandtoes Quincy | {Nashville Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer}quincy_newborn_SPP_51 Quincy | {Nashville Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer}All of this love is too much!  I love it!newbornfamily Quincy | {Nashville Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer}quincy_newborn_SPP_45 Quincy | {Nashville Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer}newbornnest Quincy | {Nashville Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer}quincy_newborn_SPP_39 Quincy | {Nashville Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer}newborngirl Quincy | {Nashville Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer}Hendersonville TN Newborn Portrait Studio

Giggs | {Nashville Hendersonville Newborn Photographer}

Baby Giggs is my newest First Moments baby.  I am so excited to be part of his first year.  He, on the other hand, wasn’t too sure about me or pictures.  I got the stare down at first.Untitled-12 Giggs | {Nashville Hendersonville Newborn Photographer}However, we quickly learned that he didn’t like being naked, and he loved the heater – and all was good.giggsnewborn_0150bw Giggs | {Nashville Hendersonville Newborn Photographer}He even gave us the cutest smile ever!giggsnewborn_0105 Giggs | {Nashville Hendersonville Newborn Photographer}Untitled-2 Giggs | {Nashville Hendersonville Newborn Photographer}giggsnewborn_0098 Giggs | {Nashville Hendersonville Newborn Photographer}giggsnewborn_0155 Giggs | {Nashville Hendersonville Newborn Photographer}Welcome to the world, little man!  I can’t wait to see you again!

Hendersonville TN Newborn Photography Studio

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