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Ellie 8 Months | {Gallatin Sumner County Baby Photographer}

Ellie’s first year is flying by!  I can’t believe we just photographed her 8 month session.  I always love my sessions with this sweet girl.ellie_8mo_SPP_07 Ellie 8 Months | {Gallatin Sumner County Baby Photographer}8montholdbabystudio Ellie 8 Months | {Gallatin Sumner County Baby Photographer}ellie_8mo_SPP_20 Ellie 8 Months | {Gallatin Sumner County Baby Photographer}ellie_8mo_SPP_19 Ellie 8 Months | {Gallatin Sumner County Baby Photographer}ellie_8mo_SPP_22 Ellie 8 Months | {Gallatin Sumner County Baby Photographer}ellie_8mo_SPP_21 Ellie 8 Months | {Gallatin Sumner County Baby Photographer}Nashville TN Baby Photography Studio

Ryker | {Brentwood Franklin Newborn Photographer}

Meet Ryker, a gorgeous little laid back guy.  He was so awesome for his session and let us use lots of setups and props without making a peep.  His nursery is Star Wars themed and his parent love Arizona, so those were a must for his newborn session.  They both ended up being some of my favorite shots.rykernewborn_0034 Ryker | {Brentwood Franklin Newborn Photographer}I love this one.  I can imagine it looking great in his nursery.rykernewborn_0123 Ryker | {Brentwood Franklin Newborn Photographer}newbornboyposes Ryker | {Brentwood Franklin Newborn Photographer}rykernewborn_0091 Ryker | {Brentwood Franklin Newborn Photographer}These next few with his parents are some of my favorites.  I know these moments don’t last forever, but I’m pretty sure they will always remember how they felt those first days from looking at these images.rykernewborn_0163 Ryker | {Brentwood Franklin Newborn Photographer}newbornparentposes Ryker | {Brentwood Franklin Newborn Photographer}rykernewborn_0186 Ryker | {Brentwood Franklin Newborn Photographer}Nashville Middle TN Newborn Photographer

Gregg | {Hendersonville Gallatin First Birthday Photographer}

We sure ended Gregg’s first year with a bang.  He has always been an easy guy to photograph, but he was FULL of smiles and laughs for his birthday session.greg_1year_SPP_09 Gregg | {Hendersonville Gallatin First Birthday Photographer}greg_1year_SPP_05 Gregg | {Hendersonville Gallatin First Birthday Photographer}

Daddy brought the guitar that we used at his newborn session.oneyearold Gregg | {Hendersonville Gallatin First Birthday Photographer}greg_1year_SPP_14 Gregg | {Hendersonville Gallatin First Birthday Photographer}greg_1year_SPP_16 Gregg | {Hendersonville Gallatin First Birthday Photographer}greg_1year_SPP_30 Gregg | {Hendersonville Gallatin First Birthday Photographer}greg_1year_SPP_36 Gregg | {Hendersonville Gallatin First Birthday Photographer}cakesmash1 Gregg | {Hendersonville Gallatin First Birthday Photographer}greg_1year_SPP_46 Gregg | {Hendersonville Gallatin First Birthday Photographer}

Happy birthday big boy!  It’s been a joy watching you grow this year!

Shannon Payne Photography is a boutique studio located just outside of Nashville TN.  We offer maternity, newborn, and baby sessions as well as packages for baby plans.  Email us today for our 2015 pricing and to schedule your next session.

Nashville Cake Smash Photographer

C&F Turn 1 | {Nashville Hendersonville Twin First Birthday}

Two of my favorite twins came to the studio last week for their birthday session.  I’m pretty sure if the year flew by for me, it passed even quicker for their parents.  We had a session full of chasing, laughing, catching, playing, and more laughing.  These two were so much fun.feldertwins_1year_SPP_20 C&F Turn 1 | {Nashville Hendersonville Twin First Birthday}We snuck in parent shots between outfits.  We only took a few minutes each time, but these were easily some of my favorites from their session.parentsandtwins C&F Turn 1 | {Nashville Hendersonville Twin First Birthday}feldertwins_1year_SPP_28 C&F Turn 1 | {Nashville Hendersonville Twin First Birthday}After lots of chasing, we got creative with our baby containers.feldertwins_1year_SPP_14 C&F Turn 1 | {Nashville Hendersonville Twin First Birthday}As you can see from the next few pictures, one baby loved standing and the other loved chewing.  He chewed his way through most of the session!oneyearoldtwins C&F Turn 1 | {Nashville Hendersonville Twin First Birthday}feldertwins_1year_SPP_33 C&F Turn 1 | {Nashville Hendersonville Twin First Birthday}Cake smashes are messy, but multiply that by two, and you easily have twice the mess!  These guys smeared frosting quicker like pros!  I’m pretty sure the cleanup took longer than the smashing.feldertwins_1year_SPP_58 C&F Turn 1 | {Nashville Hendersonville Twin First Birthday}twincakesmash C&F Turn 1 | {Nashville Hendersonville Twin First Birthday}All done!feldertwins_1year_SPP_70 C&F Turn 1 | {Nashville Hendersonville Twin First Birthday}Happy birthday boys!  I am honored that I was able to watch you grow this year.

Middle TN Nashville Baby Photographer

Jayen | {Nashville Franklin Baby Photography Studio}

I have had the most difficult time narrowing down the images from this little guy’s 6 month session.  He had the most GQ outfit and was a total poser for his pictures.  I have been so excited to share these images, and I can’t wait to see him at his 1 year session!jayen_6mo_SPP_25 Jayen | {Nashville Franklin Baby Photography Studio}6monthbaby Jayen | {Nashville Franklin Baby Photography Studio}jayen_6mo_SPP_13 Jayen | {Nashville Franklin Baby Photography Studio}jayen_6mo_SPP_04 Jayen | {Nashville Franklin Baby Photography Studio}6monthsession Jayen | {Nashville Franklin Baby Photography Studio}jayen_6mo_SPP_36 Jayen | {Nashville Franklin Baby Photography Studio}Hendersonville Brentwood Baby Photographer

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