Nashville TN Newborn Photos | Parker

Nashville TN Newborn Photos

Meet baby Parker.  He has big round cheeks, dark hair, pouty lips, and a mommy, daddy, and big brother that love him.  You may remember his family from his mommy’s maternity shoot a few months ago.  Well, he’s here and oh so adorable.  I LOVE the neutral color palette that we used for his newborn photos.

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8yNS01MzMwLXBvc3QvMjAxOC0wOS0yNV8wMDAxLmpwZw%3D%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 Nashville TN Newborn Photos | Parker

I love the neutral palette that we used.

Newborn and Sibling Photos

My Classic, Deluxe, and Heirloom Newborn packages all include family and sibling photos.  These are always a favorite for parents.  Older siblings can be pretty unpredictable.  Especially with toddlers, so I can’t guarantee complete cooperation.  But they are always fun because you never know what you are going to get.  Parker’s big brother is a little older, so he stayed still just long enough to capture this beauty!

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8yNS01MzMwLXBvc3QvcGFya2VyX25ld2Jvcm5fU1BQXzE5LmpwZw%3D%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 Nashville TN Newborn Photos | Parker

Big brother is SO proud!

Nashville TN Newborn Photos

If you follow my work, you know that I LOVE natural, organic props and colors.  I think these deep browns and greens are beautiful and gives a little touch of the fall season.  It may not feel like fall outside, but I love incorporating it inside!

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8yNS01MzMwLXBvc3QvMjAxOC0wOS0yNV8wMDAyLmpwZw%3D%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 Nashville TN Newborn Photos | Parker

These earth tones give a beautiful, rustic feel to Parker’s newborn photos.

Thanks for visiting our Nashville TN Newborn photo page.  We are currently booking December – March 2019 due dates.

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  • Katie - GORGEOUS!! I love all the earth tones and neutrals used in his gallery! What a beautiful work flow. Stunning work!!ReplyCancel

  • Kandi - Every single image is just beautiful! ! You capture the love so beautifully in each image! What lucky clients you have ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - I love how rich all of your images are. The colors are just perfect and so natural. Big brother looks really proud too!ReplyCancel

  • KRYSTAL SANDEFUR - I love every image!!!  That last shot though with those warm fall colors just gets me all in the feels!! So talented Shannon!!!! Beautiful images as always!ReplyCancel

Nashville Fall Family Photography

Nashville Fall Family Photography

Fall is in the air!  Well… I think.  At least it’s getting close.  And mini sessions with Shannon Payne Photography are getting even closer!  I offer Nashville fall family photography sessions in September – November.  These sessions are scheduled outside just for family pictures.  Since I specialize in newborn photography, I have less spots year round for family portraits.  This is the time of the year that I offer the most family photo session spots!

You may be surprised that I don’t pick my locations based on leaves changing.  Yes, fall in Tennessee is beautiful, and the colors are the main reason.  BUT I choose each and every one of my locations based on LIGHT.  So each location is hand picked because of the lighting situation.

Besides location, clothing selections are super important for family pictures.  The family below was one of my very favorites from my fall mini sessions last year.  I just LOVED their outfits!  The coordinated without being too matchy matchy.  The color palette is neutrals with a little punch of fall color.  And the layers… They are everything!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  If you have a Nashville fall family photography session coming up, make sure you visit my What to Wear Inspo Board on Pinterest.

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8yNS01MzI2LXBvc3QvNDM4Njk2M0ItRjRGNS00MjE2LUEwREMtRUY5NDNGMzcxMzE3LTEwMjR4OTkxLmpwZWc%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 Nashville Fall Family Photography

This was one of my absolute favorite sessions from my 2017 fall mini sessions.

Nashville Fall Family Photography

We only have a few spots left for Nashville fall family photography sessions in 2018.  All remaining spots can be booked online at our booking site

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1st Birthday Photographer | Aiden

1st Birthday Photographer

If you are search for a 1st birthday photographer, you have come to the right place!  I LOVE birthday photo sessions!  I offer several different packages for baby’s first birthday pictures.  Meet Aiden and his sweet parents.  The last time I saw him was back at his newborn portrait session.  Isn’t he the cutest???  Although I offer outfits in my studio collection for baby’s, his parents brought some really cute ones that we decided to use.  We started with some family pictures with a lifestyle feel in my studio.  He was in a great mood!  He has the SWEETEST smile!

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8yNC01MzIyLXBvc3QvRTRCQzAyMjQtRjIxRS00Njc1LTg1RjQtMzYzQjFCQUMzRTRELmpwZWc%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 1st Birthday Photographer | Aiden

Aiden’s parent chose a Deluxe Milestone baby photography package. This package includes baby portraits and family portraits.

1st Birthday Photographer

Once we finished his family pictures, we made a quick outfit change for his cake smash photos.  Oh my gosh.  This is the BEST part of every 1st birthday photo shoot!  Not every baby likes the cake or even eats it, and that’s ok.  It is SO much fun watching them experience something new!  Whether it’s the texture or the taste, we always get some really great expressions.  Aiden did not do much tasting, but he loved touching the frosting with his fingers and checking things out.  He seriously is the CUTEST!

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8yNC01MzIyLXBvc3QvMUZGMUJDOEMtRjk0Qi00NkJFLUFGQzQtOTM1MUNBNjhFMzM4LmpwZWc%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 1st Birthday Photographer | Aiden

I LOVE the simplicity of Aiden’s cake smash. He has a simple, white rippled cake. He is wearing one of his own outfits.

Are you ready to schedule your baby’s cake smash?  Let’s chat!

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Whitemore Family | Nashville Maternity Photographs

Nashville Maternity Photographs

Family Maternity Portraits

Meet the Whitmore Family.  They just became a family of four, and I thought that would make the perfect time to share their Nashville maternity photographs.  Baby Parker made his arrival a few weeks ago, and we have already had his newborn photo session.  If you think their maternity pictures are gorgeous, wait until you see his newborn photos!  Seriously.  I wish I had photos like this when my boys were little.

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8xNy01MzE1LXBvc3QvbWF0ZXJuaXR5MS5qcGc%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 Whitemore Family | Nashville Maternity Photographs

I love the sunlight in summer sessions. It makes the heat, bugs, and humidity worth it!

Should You Book Maternity Photos?

Maternity pictures are definitely a luxury.  They are a nice little treat before adding a new baby to your family.  My boys are 9 and 12.  Maternity pictures were not NEARLY as popular as they are now.  When I was pregnant, people kind of joked about maternity pictures.  They were kind of cheesy, to be honest.  Google it.  You’ll see what I mean!  I just did, and it gave me a good laugh.  I treat maternity sessions like family sessions.  They are all about your connection.  Every now and then, I may make you do something funny or awkward, but it’s only to get a good laugh.  No one else will ever know!  So… should you book maternity photos?  Well, YES!!! Of course!  I don’t know any of my clients that wished they didn’t do maternity pictures.

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8xNy01MzE1LXBvc3QvbWF0ZXJuaXR5Mi5qcGc%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 Whitemore Family | Nashville Maternity Photographs

Claire’s first request for her maternity session was a sun drenched field.

Nashville Maternity Photographs

Are you expecting?  If so, I’d love to hear from you!  I love chatting with expecting moms around the 2nd trimester.  All of our maternity sessions take place in the golden hour before sunset.  Sunset pictures are some of our most requested sessions, and time slots book quickly.  In fact, ALL sunset time slots are booked through November.  I do not photograph families during the winter, and the only outdoor sessions I schedule in the winter months are maternity sessions.  It’s never too early to schedule your maternity photographs.  Contact me today so we can chat about your maternity photos!


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Zander | Personalizing Your Baby’s Newborn Photos

Personalizing Your Baby’s Newborn Photos

Meet Zander.  Gorgeous skin, long wispy eyelashes, and pouty lips.  Yep, that’s Zander in a nutshell!  He is the first baby for his parents.  Every newborn session is special.  But for first time parents, it is SO important for them to have a great experience.  I know as a new mom, I was super nervous about everything.  So I always strive to make parents feel comfortable and know that they can trust their baby in my hands.  I also want them to LOVE their newborn pictures so personalizing your baby’s newborn photos is very important to me.

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8xNS01MzA0LXBvc3QvemFuZGVyX25ld2Jvcm5fU1BQXzI5LmpwZw%3D%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 Zander | Personalizing Your Baby's Newborn Photos

Zander’s nursery is decorated in white, navy blue, and baby blue. This picture can be displayed beautifully in there.

Personalizing Your Baby’s Newborn Photos

When clients book their baby’s newborn photos with me, they fill out a Client Agreement and Planning Guide.  This is a form where they can tell me special requests such as colors, nursery colors, props, and poses that they love (or don’t love).  I use this guide to help setup for the session at my Hendersonville newborn studio.  Almost every prop, accessory, and fabric you see on my website is at my studio.  When I say my studio is fully stocked, I mean it!  It can be overwhelming looking at my huge prop collection, so I have everything ready for you when you arrive.

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8xNS01MzA0LXBvc3QvemFuZGVyX25ld2Jvcm5fU1BQXzE2LmpwZw%3D%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 Zander | Personalizing Your Baby's Newborn Photos

Wrapped up tight and snug as a bug was his favorite.

Incorporating Personal Items

A great way for personalizing your baby’s newborn photos is by incorporating personal items.  Another question that I ask my newborn clients is “Do you have any personal items you’d like to incorporate.”  Here is Zander’s mom’s response to this question.

“Since this is our first and it is a boy I want to make sure we capture my husbands service in some of the pictures. He will be retiring in 3 years so I think this will be our only child while he is still serving. I see so many cute pictures with the baby by their boots or wrapped up in the dads arms while they have their uniform on. So I want to be creative with these pictures. I also want to make sure we get cute pictures as a family.”

I knew we would have to make that an important part of his newborn portraits, and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out.

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8xNS01MzA0LXBvc3QvMjAxOC0wOS0xNV8wMDAxLmpwZw%3D%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 Zander | Personalizing Your Baby's Newborn Photos

Zander’s parents wanted to honor his dad’s service in the Army by incorporating his uniform.

Documenting Baby’s Details

Zander started his newborn session wide awake.  However, he quickly started dozing off.  Once those little eyes shut, I noticed his long, gorgeous lashes and knew I needed to document them.  Plus it gave him a little extra time to get good and sleepy.  Bonus!

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8xNS01MzA0LXBvc3QvMjAxOC0wOS0xNV8wMDAyLmpwZw%3D%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 Zander | Personalizing Your Baby's Newborn Photos

Once I wrapped up Zander nice and tight, he got very sleepy. I captured some detail shots while we were letting him get in a deep sleep.

Baby Led Posing

Zander LOVED being wrapped up.  I mean, loved it!  However, his mommy really wanted a froggy pose with his little hands on his face.  Annnnnnnd that meant I needed to unwrap him.  There’s always a little bit of finger crossing that comes with getting babies unwrapped.  But oh my goodness, look at this cuteness we captured as I was unwrapping him!  I could have eaten him up!  Of course, we had to document it too!  Spoiler alert: Zander was NOT a fan of the froggy pose, and that’s ok!  Not every baby is going to do EVERY pose.  That is what makes each and every newborn photo session unique.  Because not every baby will lay so chill with his hands behind his head either.  (Zander DID let us get that beautiful pose on the blue blanket at the top of this post.  That was our compromise for not liking the froggy pose!)

?pp_route=%2Fimage-resize&path=L2hvbWUvc2hhcC9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wOS8xNS01MzA0LXBvc3QvMjAxOC0wOS0xNV8wMDAzLmpwZw%3D%3D&template_id=8121822e-8812-421e-9bad-5c4d326b4073&width=768 Zander | Personalizing Your Baby's Newborn Photos

Zander did not love being unwrapped, but he sure was chill in this pose!

Booking Your Newborn Pictures

Can you tell that I LOVE newborn sessions?  It’s one of the reasons I’ve been named as one of the best Nashville Newborn Photographers by Expertise.  I would love to meet your newest addition.  I am currently booking newborns due December – March 2019 in my Hendersonville TN newborn studio.  I’d love to have your baby on my calendar.  Contact me today to get scheduled!

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  • Lindsay - What is so special about this session is all of the details you captured. You put together images that will go well with their home. You captured dad’s service to his country beautifully, and you also documented all of this little guys sweet tiny details. This is what newborn photography is all about and you have clearly mastered it. Well done!ReplyCancel