Frequently Asked Photography Questions


How do I book my photo session?

Once you email me to book your photo session, I will send you a link to my Client Agreement.  This form reserves your date.  It will then take you to PayPal to pay the $200 retainer fee.  Your retainer fee will be applied to the package you choose. Retainer fees are non-refundable but may be applied to another session.

How far in advance do I need to book?

I recommend booking newborn sessions during your 2nd trimester.  This ensures you a spot on our calendar.  However, don’t panic, if your baby is already born, and you have just discovered newborn photography.  Although I take a limited number of newborns each month, I try not to turn babies away.  I will try my best to fit you in for a session.

What are your hours?

Studio hours are Monday – Friday from 9am – 3pm and by appointment only.  Newborn and milestone sessions are scheduled on weekday mornings.  Outdoor sessions are scheduled after hours at sunset times.

How do you prefer to be contacted?

Email is the best method of communication for me.  I check my emails several times throughout the day and try my best to respond as quickly as possible.  Email also gives me a paper trail so that I can remember all of our discussions.  Although I run a busy business, my goal is to always know my clients by name and face.  However, I may forget a discussion that we have had!  If you need to reach me by phone, my hours Monday-Friday from 9 am-3 pm.  However, it is more difficult to reach me by phone since I may be with a client or in a photo session.  I prefer not to use text to communicate.

How do you schedule newborn photo sessions?

Once you book your newborn photography session, I will put you on my calendar for your due date.  This lets me know that I should hear from you 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after your due date.  Since babies arrive on their own time, this gives me a window to prevent me from overbooking.  Newborn sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday mornings.  This allows me the greatest flexibility in scheduling sessions.  I do not schedule newborn sessions on the weekends.

My baby’s skin is flaky or has a rash, should I reschedule?

Probably not.  Most newborns have flaky skin as they shed their top layer of skin.  I am prepared for this and can edit out flakes if they are distracting.  The same goes for rashes.  Many newborns have skin imperfections, and I smooth all newborn skin.  My goal is to enhance skin, but not make your baby look too smooth or plastic-looking.  If you are not sure, feel free to email me or send me a picture.

Do you include sibling and family pictures?

Sibling and family pictures are included in our Classic, Deluxe, and Heirloom Newborn sessions as well as our Deluxe Milestone sessions.  Please keep in mind that the baby is always the focus of our newborn and milestone baby photo sessions.  I will always give my best effort for beautiful sibling portraits, however, success is really dependent on the sibling or siblings.  Successful sibling pictures are beautiful, but they are not the focus of the newborn session.  If at any time the attempt for pictures becomes too stressful or unsafe for the baby, we will move on.  Please do not set expectations that are too high for siblings, especially toddlers 3 and under.  Adding a new baby to the family is a big change, and sometimes big siblings just aren’t ready for pictures with the baby. Some clients ask if they can include their family pets in their newborn session. We do not allow pets at the studio, but you are welcome to include pets at in-home lifestyle sessions.

Do you ever take pictures outdoors?

All newborn and milestone photo sessions take place at my Hendersonville, TN studio.  This allows us to have a large selection of props and outfits that I stock.  It also prevents us from worrying about the weather and bugs!  I specialize in studio photography for newborns and babies, so I prefer to shoot all of these sessions indoors.  Likewise, all cake smashes are done indoors at my studio.  Weather permitting, we can also hop outside to the outdoor space at my studio for a few quick pictures.  If you prefer outdoor photos, I recommend booking a family portrait session.  All family sessions take place at outside locations during sunset hours.

Do we need to bring anything to our photo session?

I provide everything for newborn photo sessions and baby milestone pictures.  All you need to bring is a baby!  Newborn sessions include headbands, hats, bonnets, wraps, and props.  Baby milestone sessions include outfits, headbands, and props.  My style is neutral and organic.  I prefer simple and over-busy, and I love anything with texture or vintage style.

How soon will my pictures be ready to view?

My current turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.  If you are scheduling 1-year-old photos and need pictures for the birthday invitation or party.  I recommend scheduling your session 4 weeks before you need the photos.

Where do I print my digital files?

All of our photo packages include a limited number of digital files.  These files include a print release for unlimited printing rights.  When you receive your download gallery, I will include print instructions.  I recommend using  www.mpix.com.  This is a professional quality lab available to consumers.  I highly recommend printing wall art 16×20 and larger through me.  This way I can ensure that the sizing and sharpness are the best quality.  I offer beautiful and unique boutique print items such as signature wooden wall art, heirloom albums, grandparent albums, and more.

My child is sick, what do I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible if your child is sick or running a fever.  Sick babies are not happy babies, and I am more than happy to reschedule.  Since newborns visit the studio regularly, I kindly ask that you do not bring sick children or siblings to the studio.

Do you offer family photography?

Yes!  Although I specialize in newborns and babies, I love watching my clients grow throughout the years.  My calendar gives priority to newborns and First Moments babies, but I offer a limited number of family photography sessions each month.  Family photography takes place outdoors in the last golden hours before sunset.

Can we include our pet?

I do not allow pets at the studio, outdoor, or on-location sessions.  Through years of experience, I have found pets to be more distracting and stressful for photos.  Your family pet is welcome to be included at your home for a lifestyle session.

What do we wear?

I provide all outfits for newborn and baby sessions up until the baby turns one. For family pictures at your newborn session, I recommend simple clothing, pretty textures, and neutral colors. Visit my What to Wear Guide for Studio Photography for more ideas. For outdoor family photo sessions, I recommend coordinating outfits. Color-wise, I prefer colors from nature versus bright or loud colors. Don’t ever feel like neutrals are boring. I think they photograph beautifully. As you are planning your family’s outfits and color palette. I recommend picking one inspiration piece. Whether it is a floral dress or a plaid shirt, use that piece to pull colors for the rest of the family. I do not recommend having multiple patterns. Choosing solid colors for other family members plus a pattern is best. You can also break up solid colors by layering pieces or adding jewelry. My least favorite colors to photograph outdoors are white and hot pink. Please visit my What to Wear Guide for Family Photography for more information and ideas.

Do you allow outfit changes?

For baby milestone photography, we will do naked baby pictures as well as one to two different outfits. This is all up to the baby and the baby’s mood. Sometimes outfit changes get baby fussy. So I would rather keep them in one outfit and in a good mood than stress them out with multiple outfit changes. For family pictures, no I do not allow outfit changes. The purpose of my family photography sessions is to capture true moments and real emotions with your family. I feel that outfit changes interrupt the mood, and I do not feel that different outfits are necessary. It also saves you time on having to choose 2 sets of coordinating outfits!