Nashville Baby Photographer

Nashville Baby Photographer

As a Nashville Baby Photographer, I can promise you that your baby will grow right before your eyes this year. The first year is full of so many changes. Milestone photo sessions are the best way to document this time. I like to focus on stages or “moments” rather than ages. This is why baby photography sessions at SPP are called Milestone Photo Sessions.

Milestone Photo Sessions

Milestone photo sessions are available to babies ages 4-12 months. When you book your photo session, I will recommend ages that are best for the milestones you want to capture. Some of the most popular milestones are tummy time, sitting, pulling up, and crawling. Milestone photo sessions are photographed indoors at the studio. Studio Milestone Photography sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday mornings. Please visit our blog to see our recent baby photography sessions.

Styled Studio Photo Sessions

All studio milestone photo sessions are styled. You have access to our Studio Collection for all of your milestone sessions. I have knit rompers, ruffled outfits, suspenders, diaper covers, floral crowns, and more. Many of my pieces are custom designed to fit my style of photography.  The studio is stocked with beautiful clothing and accessories from vendors around the world.

Baby Plan Photography Packages

I offer First Moments packages for your baby’s first year. These packages combine our most popular sessions and milestones to capture every special moment until your baby turns 1.

First Birthday Photo Sessions

The one year session is a very special session. It’s a celebration for baby. But it’s also a celebration for you as parents. You have survived the first year! I offer cake smashes in the studio for these sessions. Cake smashes are styled simply with a cake and cute outfit.  All you have to do is bring the cake!  I provide the cake stand and backdrop.  What if your baby doesn’t like cake? I’m happy to create a custom celebration for you. I can do fruit smashes, donut smashes, pancake smashes…. the sky is the limit!  Visit here to find out more about planning your cake smash photo session.