March 9, 2015

Magic in the Snow | {Nashville Child Photographer}

Last week, it snowed in TN, and when I say snowed, it was probably the best snow we had in years. My backyard was begging me for snow pictures, and since my boys were too busy sledding, I knew I’d had to find clients to get out there. I know Kat loved Froze, specifically Elsa. She had a dog named Elsa! So we had the perfect setting for some magical pictures. When she was getting dressed, she insisted that she didn’t need a long sleeve shirt or boots, because Elsa will stay warm. Poor thing discovered that Elsa may have some magic that little girls don’t possess, because when her coat came off, she froze up! These are some of my favorites from the 5 minutes that we spend outside. Thanks for being a little trooper, Kat! Magic in the Snow | {Nashville Child Photographer} Magic in the Snow | {Nashville Child Photographer}Brentwood Franklin Child Photographer