Maternity Newborn Photography Package

Maternity Newborn Photography Package

One of our most popular photo packages is our Maternity Newborn Photography Package. The “Belly to Baby” package includes a maternity photography session as well as our Classic Newborn photography session.  One of my favorite parts of this package is getting to meet my new clients before baby arrives.

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 Belly to Baby Maternity Newborn Package

Maternity photography sessions don”t just document your growing bump.  They capture the love and excitement between you and your spouse.  You can see more of our maternity photo sessions here.

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Classic Newborn Photo Session

A few weeks later we will meet again. The second part of our maternity newborn photography package is your newborn portrait session.  Our Classic Newborn photo session is included in this package.  The Classic Newborn package includes your choice of pictures of baby individually, in props, detail images, family, and sibling images.  It is our most popular newborn portrait package. By booking the Belly to Baby portrait package, you are guaranteed a spot on our calendar for your newborn photo session.  Once baby arrives, we get you scheduled for studio portraits.

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 Family Newborn Pictures

Family pictures include poses with mom, dad, siblings, and family together.

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Posed Newborn Photos

Posed newborn portraits include prop setups, blanket setups, wraps, bonnets, headbands, seasonal setups, and more.  Our studio is fully stocked with boutique products designed specifically for newborns.  Leave the work and creativity up to me.  Everything is setup when you arrive.

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 Newborn Detail Images

Newborn details images have quickly become some of our most requested pictures.  Tiny toes and fingers, pouty lips, flaky skin, wispy eyelashes, and wrinkly skin don”t stay this way for long.  Your baby will change and grow in the blink of your eye.  Baby Olivia pictured below was born before Christmas, so her parent requested a Christmas themed pose for Christmas cards.  Now that the holidays have passed, I can finally share it!  Click here to see more samples of our newborn photo sessions.

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Are you ready to discuss our maternity newborn photography package.  I”d love to chat and see if our Belly to Baby package is right for you.

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Shannon Payne Photography is named one of Nashville”s Best Newborn Photographers. Expertise has ranked us as one of the top newborn photographers in Nashville.

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