August 7, 2018

Nashville Baby Milestone Photographer

Nashville Baby Milestone Photographer

As a Nashville Baby Milestone Photographer, I get to meet new families and babies every week.  I have been photographing little Noah since he was in his mommy’s belly.  I’ve been photographing his mommy and daddy for years!  I remember being so excited when they told me they were expecting.  It really is the best getting to watch your client’s families grow.

Noah was a fun little model for his milestone session.  This is his 8 month session, so he was sitting and crawling.  I had just gotten a new boy outfit in my studio wardrobe, and I was so happy that his mommy chose it.  The color looked gorgeous with his skin, and when we put on the hood, it let you focus on those beautiful eyes and round cheeks.  I can’t look at these pictures without wanting to squeeze and kiss him!

 Nashville Baby Milestone Photographer

Hendersonville TN Baby Photography Studio

As a Nashville Baby Milestone Photographer, I keep my studio stocked with props and outfits for babies at every milestone.  When parents come in for their baby’s milestone session, they look through all of my outfits and choose their favorites.  I love keeping things simple with my wooden floors and adding texture through different layers and fabrics.  I also have props that photograph well and keep the focus on baby without adding too much distraction.  I always want baby to be the focus on the picture, not the prop or a busy background.

 Nashville Baby Milestone Photographer

Lifestyle Baby Photography

The newest addition to my Nashville Baby Milestone Photographer studio is my bed setup.  I love the clean white color, and the lifestyle feel that it gives.  One of my clients asked me how everyone has such a clean bedroom, and this is the secret!  The bed is at my studio!  And let me tell you, the babies love it!  If you have a milestone photo session for your baby coming up, this is an option for you. It is a fun way to add a different look to your session.

 Nashville Baby Milestone PhotographerNashville Baby Milestone Photographer

Do you have a baby?  We are booking milestone sessions.  We do ask that you wait until baby is 4 months to schedule a milestone session.  Before this age, I treat sessions more like a newborn session.  Babies younger than 4 months old have such a short wake time, that it is difficult to catch a happy wake time window long enough for pictures.  However, by 4 months, babies are awake a little longer and start interacting more.  Depending on baby’s age, we will focus on different milestones.  Common milestones are tummy time, sitting, pushing up, and standing.  We aren’t just limited to milestones.  I can also capture your favorite things about your baby.  Chunky thighs?  We’ll capture those.  Long eyelashes?  I’ll grab my macro lens?  Round cheeks?  I’ll stick a hat on to really show them off.  There are SO many things we can do at your baby’s milestone photo session.  I promise you.  This year will fly by faster than you can blink.  You will never regret beautiful, quality pictures of your baby.