September 12, 2018

Preparing for Baby Pictures | Stella’s Milestone Session

Preparing for Baby Pictures

Studio baby milestone pictures are some of my absolute favorite sessions.  I could do these all day long!  I try to keep my studio baby sessions as stress free as possible.  My studio is stocked with outfits, accessories, headbands, floral crowns, and more for baby.  You don’t have to bring a thing! There are a few tips I’d like to share as you are preparing for baby pictures.

 Preparing for Baby Pictures | Stella's Milestone Session
Meet Stella.  These photos are from her 6 month or “Sitter Session”.  This blanket looked gorgeous with her eyes.

Preparing for Baby Pictures

Every parent wants a happy baby for pictures, right?  Now, I can’t guarantee a happy, smiley baby 100% of the time, but I have some tried and true tips below to help ensure a successful session.

1. Schedule baby’s photos during his or her happy time. Don’t schedule during nap time!

2. Feed baby before pictures.  Usually a hungry baby is not a happy baby.  Sometimes stopping pictures for a feeding does not help because baby starts getting sleepy.  I have found that a full tummy BEFORE starting pictures works best.

3. Wipe baby’s face and nose before coming to the studio.  This typically makes baby cranky and red faced.  This allows time for them to recover!

4. MOST IMPORTANT: Relax, our session should be fun! Although we always love a great smile shot, even the happiest baby can forget to smile on picture day. There is a lot of excitement, new location, etc. If we focus too much on a smile, we’ll forget about all of those other adorable milestones your baby has reached.

 Preparing for Baby Pictures | Stella's Milestone Session
Stella showed off all of the milestones that she had reach by her 6 month session including sitting.

Stella was one of those babies in a fabulous mood for her baby photo session.  She loved the camera and let her little personality shine.  She definitely gave me a case of baby fever!

 Preparing for Baby Pictures | Stella's Milestone Session
Another milestone she showed off was pushing up on all fours. This is a fun but tricky milestone to capture!

Do you have a baby sitting or starting to crawl?  Now is the time to get your baby’s milestone photo session scheduled.  Our Hendersonville portrait studio is stocked and ready for baby photo sessions.  Contact us today for more information.