May 5, 2013

There’s Always Room to Learn | {Nashville Hendersonville Newborn Photographer}

If you know me or follow the blog, you know that newborns are my passion. I could photograph a newborn everyday of my life, and be just as happy as could be. I hear that I’m the “baby whisperer” a lot, and I admit, I really love hearing it. I’ve also had several families ask me to go home with them 🙂 Or if you as my studio mate, Shannon, she’ll tell you it’s the whistle in my shushing. Whatever it is, I love snuggling with each and every sweet baby that comes to the studio. I always say that photographing a newborn is kind of like being a grandma. You get to love on them and hold them as long as they are sleeping and happy, but as soon as they get hungry or fussy, you hand them back to the parents! Seriously though, this is me in my element, and I absolutely love it. With that said, there are still tons of things I want and need to learn, and I’m excited to say that I’m doing it right now! I will be out of the studio until Wednesday, because I am in Atlanta for a mentorship with an amazing newborn photographer, Laura Brett. I know that I’m going to learn a ton, and I can’t wait to come back and test it all out with my newborns. I have 3 due this week! Just so you have an idea of how much work goes behind each and every image from a newborn session, I have a pull back below from a session in January.
 There's Always Room to Learn | {Nashville Hendersonville Newborn Photographer}
Nashville TN Newborn Photographer