5 Tips for Great Maternity Photos

5 Tips for Great Maternity Photos

I photographed Adrianne and Patrick’s maternity photos a few weeks ago.  I am so in love with the pictures from their session.  When we first got started with their session, they told me they did not do engagement photos.  So these would be their first couple photos.  I was so excited!  Many of my maternity photos include siblings, so they have a family photo feel.  But since Adrianne and Patrick are expecting their first baby, we were really able to focus on them as a couple.  About halfway through our photos, I heard Patrick tell Adrianne she looked beautiful, and my heart just melted.  I can’t wait to see these two welcome their first baby into the world!

  1. Relax  This is by far my biggest piece of advice.  If you relax in your photos, it will show.  You will stand more confidently, and you’ll be more comfortable with your spouse.  I know it may feel awkward to stand in front of a camera, but if you take the focus off the camera and put it on your new baby and spouse, you will naturally relax.  Remember, the connection is between you and your spouse or your family, not me.  So have fun and pretend I’m not there!
  2. Pamper Yourself  This is a GREAT time to treat yourself!  Buy a new dress.  Get a manicure and pedicure.  Hire a professional to do your hair and makeup.  All of these little treats will make you look and feel great!  Since I photograph maternity portraits at sunset, plan a dinner date after your photos.  You are already dressed up, so make a night of it!
  3. Make Sure  Your Photographer is a Good Fit  I know there are many photographers you can choose.  While searching for a photographer, make sure to look at their work.  Can you imagine their photos on your walls?  Do you like the locations and poses they use?  Photography styles vary from fine art to documentary/lifestyle type photos.  You want your eye to be drawn to your photographer’s work.  Trust your photographer.  I love helping my clients choose clothing and locations.  My goal is to make this as easy and fun as possible.
  4. Don’t Forget, YOU are Beautiful!  You are beautiful.  Pregnancy is beautiful.  Embrace this wonderful time!
  5. No Excuses!  You may have already thought of a million reasons why you shouldn’t have maternity photos.  But the truth is, you will probably regret not having them made.  Back when I was pregnant, (Over a decade ago! I can’t believe it!) maternity photos were not nearly as common or popular as they are now.  I wish I had photos like these with my husband.  It sounds cheesy, but this is truly is a special, once in a lifetime experience.  You will NEVER regret having these photos made.

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I am a photographer that specializes in maternity and newborn photos.  My studio is located in Hendersonville where I also photograph my outdoor maternity photos.  I would love to discuss my packages with you.  Visit the Contact tab above or email me at [email protected]

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