April 23, 2018

Choosing Your Newborn Photographer

Choosing Your Newborn Photographer

Chances are you have found our website on your search for choosing your newborn photographer.  If you are expecting, congratulations!  This is pretty much one of the most exciting times of your life.  Waiting for your new bundle of joy is full of questions and anticipation.  You have to choose your doctor, pick a hospital to deliver, decorate a nursery, register for baby items, and think about baby’s first pictures.  Choosing your newborn photographer can be overwhelming.  I’m going to share some of the questions you should ask and things you should look for on your search.

 Choosing Your Newborn Photographer

Newborn Safety

One of the most important factors in choosing your newborn photographer is finding someone qualified to handle newborns.  Unfortunately, newborn photography in the United States is very unregulated.  Pretty much anyone can be a “newborn photographer”.  Questions you may want to ask prospective photographers are “How many newborns have you photographed?”  “Have you taken newborn safety courses?”  “Are you up to date on your vaccinations?”  Just like you research the safest car seats, cribs, and strollers.  It’s a great idea to do the same with the person who will handle your baby during his or her first photo shoot.

 Choosing Your Newborn Photographer

Photography Style

There are many styles for newborn photography.  Studio posed photography and lifestyle photography are two of the most popular types.  You can view more about the differences between these types by reading our blog post on studio and lifestyle newborn photography.  When choosing your newborn photographer, make sure you visit their social media pages as well as website.  Is your eye drawn to their work?  Is their work consistent?  Is baby the focus in the pictures or do the props overwhelm the picture?  Do you like the colors and props that they use?

 Choosing Your Newborn Photographer

Newborn Posing

If you are drawn to posed newborn pictures, make sure you find a photographer that specializes in newborns.  Newborn photography is a very specialized genre.  Yes, you may have loved your wedding photographer, but that may not mean he or she will know how to handle your newborn.  When viewing photographers’ websites, look to see if they have samples of the poses you love.  How often do they share their work?  Websites and social media pages always show a photographer”s best work.  Make sure you see more than just a few babies and several examples of the poses.  Does baby look comfortable? Poses should not be forced. You may even see babies smiling.  Newborn photographers should have experience and be prepared for awake or fussy babies.

Photography Pricing

One of the biggest factors in choosing a newborn photographer is budget.  Do you have a budget in mind?  Newborn photography is one of the things that you get what you pay for.  In this case, cheaper is not better.  Newborn photography pricing is subject to many factors such as experience, level of training, quality of equipment, length of session, and more.  Does the photographer supply props?  Keep in mind that you are not just paying for the time your photographer is spending with you.  Your photographer also spends hours planning your session, setting up for your session, and editing your pictures.  A photographer running a legal business must also factor in insurance, taxes, and other business expenses.

I hope this has helped you think of questions you may not have considered.  I invite you sit down and browse through my website.  Read about me, search through my blog posts, view the different session categories, and visit my Instagram and Facebook pages.  If we look like a good fit, I’d love to hear from you.  I highly suggest booking your newborn session during your second trimester.  Don’t forget, newborn sessions are scheduled during baby’s first 2 weeks.  Booking early ensures a date on our calendar.


[…] on a search for your newborn photographer, I’d love for you to check out my blog post here about choosing your newborn photographer. Make sure to check out our newborn photo galleries to see samples from our newborn photo sessions […]

Love this post my friend! So much great information and awesome guidelines to go by! Absolutely love your style!

Your newborn photographer will be holding your little miracle molding them for images, it is so smart to research their experience.  The first 2 weeks of your babies life goes so quickly, your choice will show in the images you receive.  Love the post!

[…] on a search for your newborn photographer, I”d love for you to check out my blog post here about choosing your newborn photographer. Make sure to check out our newborn photo galleries to see samples from our newborn photo sessions […]

Wow, so much great information! Very well put and I hope this helps many Mama’s in their research. 

This is such a great blog post. It really is so important to do your research when choosing a newborn photographer. Making sure you find someone who is qualified is such a huge factor that I hope every new mom and dad consider when selecting the person they’re trusting their little one with. You really made some fantastic points.