May 22, 2018

Milestone Baby Photography

Milestone Baby Photography

One of my most frequently asked questions is “What ages do you recommend for our baby’s pictures?”  Well… back before newborn pictures were popular, people photographed babies at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.  If you did those ages plus a newborn session, that would be 5 sessions in one year, FIVE!  That is entirely too many in my opinion.  I do things a little differently.  I like to photograph milestones over ages.  Milestone baby photography focuses on the fun new things your baby can do.  It”s his or her turn to show off new tricks!  Sitting, pulling up, standing, crawling, tummy time, clapping, and more.  They are all the fun and exciting moments as parents, and there”s nothing better than capturing them on film forever.  Milestones aren’t the only things we will document.  First teeth, rosy cheeks, long eyelashes, tiny fingers, chubby feet are just a few details that I love to capture.  We do all of this at my Hendersonville photography studio, where everything is provided for you from clothing to props and accessories.  All you have to do is bring baby!

There are two pathways that I recommend for milestone baby photography sessions. The first is 3 photo sessions during the first year. Those ages are newborn, sitter, and first birthday. This is my favorite package because these are my favorite ages and stages. The second option is 4 photo sessions during the first year. These sessions will fall at newborn, 4, 8, and 12 months. This pathway is usually selected by parents that want pictures more often than every 6 months. Below I have information and pictures from all stages. That way you can take a look and see what milestones you think you like best. I like to photograph all of my baby milestone sessions at my studio. This keeps the look and style of your baby’s first year photos consistent.

4 Month Old Baby Photography

Of all the milestone sessions, 4 month sessions tend to be the most difficult. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love them, they are just a little more of a challenge! 😉 I call this session the tummy time session. However, notice that there aren’t any tummy time pictures! Usually 4 month olds aren’t too keen on their tummy yet. They really need to have great head support to get a good tummy time picture, and that usually comes around 5 months. Sooooo… most of my 4 month sessions take place on their backs. This is usually where they are most happy. I guess I should call these photo sessions “reverse tummy time”! I tell clients that these are similar to newborn sessions, but instead of baby sleeping, they will be awake. Just like newborn photo sessions, I use different blankets and wraps for texture as well as buckets and bowls for props. 4 month olds make fun expressions at this age too. They don’t usually bust out huge smiles, but you can start to see their little personalities.

 Milestone Baby Photography

Sitter Session Photography

Of all of the ages after newborn sessions, sitter photo sessions are my favorites! This milestone usually takes place around 6.5/7 months. I want babies to be sitting steadily for these photo sessions. I always use a spotter by baby in case they start to topple over, but the steadier they are the less jumpy we are! Babies at this age typically have not reached separation anxiety, and they love and smile at everyone. It is just a really fun age! Just like my 4 month sessions and newborn sessions, I like to use layers, bowls, and greenery for props. Sometimes we even pull out a bowl that we used at their newborn session to show how much they’ve grown!

 Milestone Baby Photography

8 Month Old Baby Photography

This is the milestone baby photography session we use if you choose the 4, 8, and 12 month plan. It is very similar to the sitter milestone session, but by now babies are also pushing up into a crawling position and sometimes even pulling up. If you select a sitter session around 6.5/7 months you will not do an 8 month session. Some other fun things to photograph from 8 month sessions are little baby details. Many babies are cutting teeth by this age and have gotten those cute baby rolls. They are also very aware of their surroundings. They may not smile because they are so interested in where they are and everything going on around them. Sometimes it’s harder to get them out of mom or dad’s arms. You never know what you’ll get with this age!

 Milestone Baby Photography

First Birthday Photography

Ahhhhhh……… the big birthday photo shoot! One year sessions are probably the most anticipated session after your baby’s newborn session. These take more planning. They are also more personalized. You can choose just a milestone session to document baby’s milestones at this age. Usually babies are pulling up and standing. Sometimes they are even walking. Although I’d love to get them in for their photo shoot before they start walking! Any guesses why??? My most favorite part of a one year birthday photo shoot is the cake smash. I love styling them, and I love how they really capture a baby’s personality. You can book just a Cake Smash Photo Session or Milestone + Cake Smash. Take a look at my First Birthday Pinboard to see what inspires me. I have all of my clients look through this board to start the planning process. Even if babies don’t like the cake, they are still usually tons of fun. What if they REALLY don’t like the cake? Crying cake pictures are some of my absolute favorites! But we don’t have to do cake, we can do a fruit smash or even a bubble bath. They sky is the limit!

 Milestone Baby Photography

Your baby’s first year is full of growth, excitement, and memories. That first year is going to fly by! Milestone baby photography is the best way to document your baby’s growth and help you hold on to those memories. I offer milestone photo sessions as well as baby’s first year plans. I’d love to chat and find the perfect photo session for your family.


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Your images are simply stunning, and I love how you described each milestone with perfect detail. Your clients are so lucky to ha e you as their photographer for these sessions. 

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