Nashville TN Newborn Photographers

Nashville TN Newborn Photographers

Shannon Payne Photography is ranked as one of the top Nashville TN Newborn Photographers by Expertise.  We have also been ranked as one of the best baby photographers.  This is one reason that our newborn sessions are our most in demand sessions.  Although our calendar is mainly filled with newborns, we take on a limited number of sessions each month to provide the best service to all of our clients.

Trained by the Best Photographers in the Industry

Each year I devote part of my budget and time to professional development.  I think my love for learning comes from my teaching days.  As a teacher I was required a certain number of hours each year devoted to professional development.  As a photographer I think it is just as important.  Workshops and training keep me up to date in the latest trends, skills, technology advances, and more.  So far this year I have attended a maternity training in Las Vegas, I have participated in an online training with a highly recognized newborn and family photographer, and will go to a newborn training in September.  I truly believe that you can never stop learning.

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I love this look for Miss Ella Jo.  One blanket and several different looks.  Just changing out a headband, baby’s position, and the angle can make a totally different look.

Styled Newborn Portraits

Another thing that makes our newborn sessions so popular is the styling of our sessions.  I love layers and textures.  I always try to incorporate parts of nature such as wood, flowers, and greenery.  This creates a unique look for your newborn pictures.  My styling doesn’t stop at your newborn photo session.  I style baby sessions all the way up to one year and first birthday photo sessions.  You can find out more about our baby milestone photography here.

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Family and Sibling Portraits

Two of our most popular newborn packages are our Classic and Deluxe newborn sessions.  Both packages include pictures with family and siblings.  I love including big brothers and big sisters in newborn sessions.  Ella Jo’s big sister’s outfit was the inspiration for this color scheme.  I love how their colors coordinate.  Planning clothing for big brothers and sisters should be a pretty simple process.  I like to keep clothing simple for newborn sessions.  Most pictures are waist up, so there is no need to worry about shoes (or even pants, LOL!).  You can see our post on our Belly to Baby package to get another example of our Classic Newborn package.  This newborn session is included with the package along with the maternity session.

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Nashville TN Newborn Photographers

As one of the top Nashville TN Newborn Photographers, I strive to create comfortable environment at my studio for your family.  I want children to have fun while they are there for pictures, and I want moms and dads to feel comfortable while their newborn is in my care.  I believe that personal reviews are a great way to see if the photographer you are choosing is reputable.  You can find reviews for photographers on Google and Facebook.  If you can’t find reviews, this should be a red flag.  I am very proud of the reviews that former clients have left for me on these sites, and I encourage you to read through them as you decide if we are a good fit.  If you have questions or want to know more about my packages, I encourage you to contact me!

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