Preparing Baby for Newborn Photos

Preparing Baby for Newborn Photos

Meet Abigail Rose.  She is the youngest of 4 girls.  Yep!  You’ve got that right. 4 girls…. So when it comes to getting a family of 6 ready for pictures, preparing baby for newborn photos can be very important!

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We want baby to sleep!

Newborn sessions are scheduled during baby’s first 2 weeks.  (Well, we can do later, but I try to get all babies in by 14 days new.)  Why?  Well, babies are sleepier and curlier the younger they are.  When you book your newborn session, I will send you my Preparing for your Newborn Session Guide.  It gives you all sorts of information and tips on getting baby ready for pictures and what to bring.  We want baby nice and sleepy for newborn pictures because this is how I get them posed into all of the beautiful poses you see on my website.  If you’ve been around a newborn, and awake newborn is a wiggly one!

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Preparing Baby for Newborn Photos

Preparing baby for newborn photos starts the day before your session.  Newborn sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday mornings at my Hendersonville TN studio.  This gives you time to shake the cobwebs off after a long, sleepless night.  You don’t just hop in the car and go for newborn photos.  It takes a little work at home for a successful newborn session.  Pack baby’s diaper bag the night before.  Make sure you have diapers, wipes, a pacifier, and hair brush.  That morning, time baby’s feedings so that you feed right before leaving for the studio.  If baby takes 30 minutes to feed, then start the feeding a little more than 30 minutes before it’s time to leave.  That way you can hop in the car afterwards.  Typically, a full tummy and car ride makes for a sleepy baby.  Before that last feeding, try to keep baby awake for a little bit.  If your pediatrician has cleared you for bath time, it’s a perfect time to give baby a bath.  These simple tips will help make a sleepy baby.

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Preparing Siblings for Your Photos

Big brothers and sisters are an important part of your newborn session.  Many mommies and daddies get excited for their first picture with all of the siblings.  Since I photograph siblings and families at the end of the session, you can bring their outfit changes to the studio.  That way outfits don’t get dirty or wrinkled on the way to the studio.  Speaking of outfits, one of my most frequently asked questions is what to wear.  Studio newborn pictures are honestly one of the easiest sessions for planning outfits.  All of the pictures are waist up, so you don’t have to worry about shoes.  Or pants, really!  I told a mom at my newborn session yesterday that she could have worn pajama pants, and no one would have ever known!  (I think I need to add that to my planning guide!)  I love simple clothing, neutral color palettes, and minimal accessories.  Simplicity is key for newborn session clothing.  You can visit my What to Wear Guide for more ideas.  I do not recommend big brother or big sister shirts for sibling pictures.  Remember, we are photographing connection, not outfits.

Now that you’ve got your outfits figured out, it’s time to bribe the kids!  Really, if yours are the type to need a little incentive, feel free to bring treats or candy for after pictures.  Sibling photos are usually very quick only lasting 5-10 minutes.  I LOVE photos of big brothers and sisters loving on baby, hugging and kissing, and snuggling.  My goal is never aimed at a cheesey smile.  Older siblings are great at holding and snuggling with baby.  They are also great with fake cheese smiles!  That is why I love focusing on capturing a connection.  Toddlers are a WHOLE other story.  Toddler’s worlds have been turned upside down.  They always add a little bit of excitement to the session!  Treats usually work pretty well for this age group 😉

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