February 21, 2019

Top Baby Registry Items

Top Baby Registry Items

As a baby photographer, I meet lots of babies.  And lots of mommies!  I get called a “Baby Whisperer” a lot.  I can give you a nice list of tips for soothing newborns, but I realized I’m not as up to date on the latest and greatest baby gadgets.  My boys are 9 and 12, and things have changed since they were babies.  I recently surveyed parents on Instagram to see what their favorite baby items were.  I got a nice list of great items.  Based on their recommendations, I made this list of top baby registry items.

1. DockATot Top Baby Registry Items

I have seen these a lot recently and thought they were pretty awesome.  The Dockatot website describes it as a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling dock for baby and tots 0-36 months.  They come in a variety of sizes and have all sorts of covers.  The ones sold at Target have great reviews.  My mommy reviewers said they were great for traveling.  When my boys were babies, we had to lug a HUGE pack n play playpen around with us!  I would have MUCH rather carried this around!  Another mommy said her little girl wouldn’t sleep until they got it.  Since it recreates the feel of the womb, it helped her fall asleep.  It makes babies feel secure so they sleep longer.  It also helps transition from swaddled to unswaddled in the crib.  I like my sleep, so I’d say this is a must!

2. Rock N Play

 Top Baby Registry Items

Mommies love the auto rock feature in the Rock N Play.  It’s light and portable so you can take it anywhere.  Many of the mommies that I polled told me that is was great for their babies with reflux.  Since the head is tilted up, it helps settle their little bellies.  I’m all about baby containers, and this one looks like a winner!

3. Wraps and Swaddles

Ok, I don’t have to poll any mommies to tell you this is a necessity.  Keeping those arms tight to prevent the startle reflex is key.  When people ask my what I do with babies that don’t sleep at newborn sessions, my #1 answer is SWADDLE!  I love long, thin, super stretchy fabrics so that you can get their arms nice and tight.

4. Baby Bum Brush

 Top Baby Registry Items

Raise your hand if you don’t like the smell (or feel) of diaper rash cream.  That would be me!  When a mommy messaged me about the Baby Bum Brush, I had no idea what she was talking about.  So I went straight to Amazon and found this product with rave reviews.  It claims to help diaper cream go on smoother and quicker, and bonus that you don’t have to touch it!

5. Pacifiers

 Top Baby Registry Items

I had one boy love his paci and another boy love his thumb.  But if I could have chosen a pacifier for them, it would be the Cutie PAT by Ryan & Rose.  It is a pacifier and teether in one.  Bonus points for the cute factor!  It comes in stylish colors and adorable cutie clips.  They come in different stages for babies with and without teeth.

Nashville Baby Photographer

I hope this list of top baby registry items helps you get started on gear for your baby.  Speaking of babies… did I mention I was a baby photographer?  Newborns and babies are my jam and make this “job” of mine a dream.  The best thing about sessions with me (besides the gorgeous pictures) is that I provide everything!  Clothes, accessories, props…. they are all stocked at my studio.  That leaves the worry away and allows you to have a fun, stress free experience.  If you have a baby, I’d love to hear from you!  Contact me to chat.

 Top Baby Registry Items


What an awesome post!  How helpful this would be to a new mom! 

This is going strait to my Pinterest board! So many good ideas for baby registry! 

So many helpful things! These have changed even since I had my last baby a year ago. Other than swaddles. Swaddles for life over here!

Oooooh!! Such GREAT information!! New moms will LOVE THIS!! And of course your images are AMAZING, as usual!!

Shannon, these are great items! And like you I’m out of the baby product loop. What a cool way to get the best ideas, just go straight to new moms! I’m book marking this post for the next time I get invited to a baby shower! Thanks for all the info ! 

I love information posts. They are always so helpful to new mommies.