Maternity Photography Training | My Vegas Trip

Maternity Photography Training

Last year I visited Las Vegas for maternity photography training with the AH-mazing Lola Melani.  Lola is one of the world’s leading photographers.   Her unique style of fine art maternity photography attracts celebrities and public figures.  She has a way of making every woman look like a goddess.  I was so excited to learn from one of the best in the field.  I truly believe that education and workshops help you continue to grow and become the best you can be.  I make it a point to attend at least 1 or 2 workshops, mentorships, or retreats a year.  This maternity workshop happened to be in Las Vegas!

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Mixing Work and Play

Possibly even better than training with one of the best maternity photographers in the world is that I got to mix in a little play!  My husband tagged along with me.  This was our first time visiting Las Vegas, and we had a blast!  We stayed at The Palazzo, saw a Cirque du Soleil “O” at the Bellagio, and ate and drank our way around the city.  It was a great little getaway!

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Maternity Posing

One of the things I was most excited to learn from Lola was posing.  Every picture she takes brings out the best in her subject.  I loved watching her talk to her models to make them feel comfortable.  Her directions from lighting to hand placement all come together to make a beautiful portrait.  I was excited to use the lighting and posing tips I learned from her when I got home.

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Staying True to Yourself

Lola works in a large loft/industrial style studio in New York City.  She has tall ceilings and tons of lighting equipment.  These are all things I don’t have.  I have a cute, boutique studio in a craftsman style house built in 1940.  It does NOT have tall ceilings and lots of space.  To try to replicate her style in my studio would be frustrating.  But I did not attend this maternity photography training to copy her exact style.  I wanted to use what I learned from her about lighting, posing, direction, and vision to make it my own.  I love maternity photos outdoors.  I’m inspired by light.  THESE things are my comfort zone and where I work best.  My favorite thing Lola said was that you can’t be the best by imitating others.  You have to be true to yourself to be your best you.

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Nashville Maternity Photographer

As a Nashville maternity photographer, I want to provide the best service and portraits for my clients.  I am constantly searching for new locations with beautiful light.  I think light adds a touch of magic to your photos.  It helps you shine.  Light is was defines my style.  You can’t grab a phone and create a timeless portrait.  It’s just not possible.  I think training is key to beautiful execution, and I am proud to tell my clients that I have trained with the best.

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Are you expecting in 2019?  Have you considered booking maternity portraits?  I’d love to chat with you!  Contact me now to get your maternity photos scheduled.

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