August 21, 2018

Nashville Twin Baby Milestone Photography

Nashville Twin Baby Milestone Photography

Meet Wells and Wyatt.  They are two of my Nashville twin baby milestone photography clients.  I have photographed their newborn photos, 4 month, and 8 month milestone photos.  Each time I see them they show their little personalities more and more.  Now we have their first birthday photos coming up!  I ran into their mommy at the grocery today, and we chatted about their smash cakes!  It is crazy how that first year flies by.  One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “What ages are best to photograph my baby?”  Wells and Wyatt’s parents decided to do newborn, 4 months, 8 months and 12 months.  You can visit the blog post on milestone photo session ages to find out the ages and milestones I recommend for baby photos.

4 Month Photos

4 month milestone photos can be the most difficult of all the milestone ages I photograph.  Babies at this age tend to have a short wake time.  This makes planning photos tricky.  We want babies to be fed, awake, and happy for their pictures.  With a short wake time, this leaves a little window for pictures.  Now with twins, it can be even trickier!  Wells and Wyatt’s 4 month photo shoot included 3 sets of hands, several bottles, pacifiers, lots of hugs, rocking, and taking turns.  But goodness, was it worth it!

One of the first thing their mommy told me about them at this age was that they held hands whenever they laid down together.  I wanted to make sure we captured that on camera.  They did it right away, and it was oh so cute!

 Nashville Twin Baby Milestone Photography

Baby Milestone Photography

4 month milestone photos usually include 1 outfit and lots of naked pictures.  Babies this age don’t tolerate outfit changes well, and I don’t like to use up happy time changing clothes.  (Plus I love naked baby pictures!)  We chose a coordinating pair of suspenders and tweed diaper cover out of my studio wardrobe for their outfits.  They looked like the cutest little men!  I just love all of the little faces and expressions that they have.

 Nashville Twin Baby Milestone Photography

4 Month Old Twin Photos

Most 4 month olds don’t like tummy time yet.  For many babies at this age, tummy time consists of face plants and lots of screaming.  Unless a parent tells me baby loves his or her tummy, I don’t even attempt it.  I like to keep babies comfortable and happy.  At this age they are usually happiest on their backs.  This is how you play with them at home, how they lay when you change their diaper, and how they sleep.  So it only makes sense that it will keep them comfortable and happy.

 Nashville Twin Baby Milestone Photography

Nashville Twin Baby Milestone Photography

Let’s fast forward a few months to Wells and Wyatt’s 8 month session.  It’s amazing how much they have changed in 4 months.  They are sitting, trying to crawl, their hair has grown, and they are much more curious.  This was such a fun age.

 Nashville Twin Baby Milestone Photography

Baby Sitter Photo Session

I am obsessed with the knit outfits we used from my studio wardrobe.  Etsy for the win!  I love how you can still see their chunky legs and the mix of all the textures and neutral colors.  At this milestone session, we focused on getting pictures of sitting and pushing up on all fours.  They also did lots of chewing on toys and fingers since they were teething.  I LOVE pictures of babies chewing on their hands.  Usually twins will need a break during their photo session.  I will use this time to photograph each baby individually.  This gives you a good mix of photos with both babies together and each baby individually.

 Nashville Twin Baby Milestone Photography

Booking Your Baby’s Milestone Photos

I would love to plan your baby’s milestone photo session.  I photograph milestone sessions in my studio year round.  I provide all props, outfits, and accessories to take the stress out of planning.  Click here to find out more about each age and stage I recommend for baby photos.  Contact me today for more information.


I love the knit romper!  Every session you blog about blows me away!  Serious photog crush going on here!

Seeing the difference in these two bays is perfection!  Your styling is always timeless and I love following your work.

Ahhhh!!! These babies <3  These sessions are beautiful and its amazing how much they change over the course of just a couple months.  How special that mama will have these to look back and see how the changed over the first year.  Beautiful photos Shannon!

Shannon this session is absolutely adorable! The twins are so cute and your studio wardrobe is so nice! Love the textures and set ups you offer! Beautiful work ! 

Oh my GOODNESS!! Shannon!! These are absolutely ADORABLE!! I love seeing the progression of how much they’ve grown! And I adore they styling of these. So precious!